Sunday, 16 May 2010

Anniversary card & Mickey Mouse

Hi everyone, just don't seem to be getting enough time to do any crafting or blogging recently. I made this anniversary card yesterday - not for anyone in particular just to add to the stash LOL. I used to make a lot with Paper Nation - or sorry should that be Jolly Nation now ??? but not done any for a while.

close up of dancing couple

Well, I made this Mickey mouse today for my little friend Zak - bless him!!!! He's three and he's my boss Jo's little boy. A couple of months ago Jo hurt her shoulder really badly and couldn't drive so I spent several weeks picking her up in a morning and dropping her off at night. In the morning we would then have to take Zak to his childminders before going onto work. Since then he's mentioned me a few times in various situations which is really sweet!!! I made a card for Jo for Zak to give to his best friend Helena - I did Minnie Mouse and Zak really liked it and couldn't quite understand why he couldn't have it because he liked Minnie as well as Mickey!!!! So I told Jo I would make him a Mickey to put on his bedroom wall - and here he is - I made him 10inches high. Hope Zak likes him xx

Well, I had all the prep work done on friday afternoon for my crown and my god I've decided I really do have a low pain threshold LOL. My god it really, really hurt later on friday once numbness wore off and saturday was awful - my jaw hurt, all my left side of face really hurt even my eyes were sore and had a banging headache!!!! Today quite a bit better apart from my jaw which is still really painful - must be from all the stretching of mouth and keeping it open for 45minutes LOL. God I am a wuss LOL LOL

I'm off to Manchester for Creditors circle meeting for work on Tuesday - I'm just hoping I'm back in time for gym and Fat club. I've lost 11 lbs and 12 ozs - yippeeeeeee - still got a long way to go though!!!

Well, I'm off to do a bit of crafting - think I might do a House Mouse card - seen the new decoupage images today and soooooooo want them - sorry soooooo NEED them LOL but will have to wait a bit cos I'm skint and what little I've got I need for when I visit Lynne on saturday - can't wait to see you Lynne.

Bye for now, Gay xx


  1. Me too! I just love Jolly Nations and not done any for ages. It was lovely to see you both last weekend. Hope Christine is enjoying her new stash. Have a great weekend. Lynne xx

  2. Love the decoupage just bought a new stash from Lynne (House Mouse) so may be busy cutting out this weekend!! lol

    Fantastic weight loss!!

    Have a great weekend Love Chanelle xx