Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Card order (well 2 actually) LOL

Hiya, well I've made 2 cards this weekend that my friend Toni has ordered. One is for her husband for their 5th Wedding Anniversary. Toni is very into spiritual things and healing and such like so I'm hoping the paper is ok - I thought it worked quite well in that respect. She did pick the image she wanted using. No laughing at the name - its what she wanted. LOL
Second card order is for Toni to give her mum and dad on their Golden Wedding Anniversary - 50 Years - blimey that is a lonnnnnnnng time!!!!!!

They enjoy caravanning so tried to bring this into it.

Inside of card - photo of their Wedding Day!!! Bless!!!!

A few close ups

Well I'm giving them to her tomorrow so hopefully she will like them. Hope you've all had a great weekend - I've had a busy one but enjoyable. Thankfully all my relatives are safe - though without water and electricity but still thats a small price to pay I suppose, at least they are all safe and sound. Sorry - they live in Christchurch, New Zealand - was a worry at first til we found out they are all ok - was a bit difficult as well with tel lines being down etc.
Anyway, bye for now and hopefully post some more in next day or two. I promise I'll try to get back into my blogging and be good.
Thanks for visiting
Gay xxx

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