Sunday, 4 April 2010

Bag Charms for Sale

Hi, hope you are all having a Fab Easter - and not eating too many eggs!!! I'm trying my best to be good so all my good work with dieting and gym over the last 3 weeks doesn't go to waste LOL xxxx
End of last year I spent about 4 months making lots of bag charms and Book marks with genuine gemstones and some with beads. I did sell quite a lot but I made way tooooooooo many. Made nearly 400 bag charms LOL and about 60 bookmarks. Only got about 12 bookmarks left but about 250 - 280 bag charms. Oh dear!!!!
Thought I would put them on here to see if anyone interested - the pictures really don't do them justice - I think I need lessons on how to take better pictures.
This one is made completely of Swarovski crystals - a gorgeous star in the middle and then clear AB and a deep turquoise colour. The code for this one is KC233 and it is £6.95 incl. free p&p.

This one is made of beads - there are 2 gorgeous blue flower beads and other blue and clear and frosted beads. Code is KC103 and it is £3.95 incl. free p&p.

This one is not at all clear in the picture, it is made of Rose Quartz and Swarovski crysals - clear AB and pink. Code is KC95 and it is £7.95 incl. free p&p.

This one is made entirely of Swarovski crystals in Siam and clear AB. Sparkle is gorgeous!!! Code is KC46 and it is £7.95 incl. free p&p

Picture of all the bag charms I have left LOL - I will post some more shortly.
Thanks very much for looking. If you have any questions please email me and I will get back to you asap.
Have fun!!!
Gay xx

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