Thursday, 25 March 2010


Hi, no cards to share, sorry. I did make another quickie easter card on monday night but not had chance to photograph it - will try to do in next day or two and upload.
Unfortunately spent all of yesterday at QMC Hospital. Got a phone call at work about 10.30 to say ambulance was taking my dad to the hospital. I didn't have a clue what was going on but assumed he'd lost his balance and fallen as he had done this quite a lot last year but nothing in the last 5 months or so really. But when I got to hospital found that he had actually fallen down the last 3 stairs at home and fell into the living room door that was ajar. He has broken 2 ribs and has a collapsed lung which is same lung as he punctured nearly 2 years ago so not good at all. They have hold of tubing his lung, hoping it won't get any worse and will start to re-inflate itself. He has emphysema so already struggles a lot. He looked dreadful but thankfully painkillers and steroids and oxygen have started kicking in and he's beginning to look much better. They are x-raying his lung again tomorrow to check to see if its got any worse if it has they have got to tube it which we really, really don't want to happen (they had to do it when he punctured his lung and they lost him for a few seconds - it was awful treatment I stayed with him and pushing the tube in through his side whilst totally aware of it all including the pain of it was just unbelievable, I threw up and he was in agony) I really don't think he could cope with it again. Fingers, toes and everything else is crossed that they haven't got to do it - they don't want to do it either because of the damage already to that lung.
Anyway, really sorry to go on but just wanted to get it off my chest. Hopefully be back to crafting in a few days.
Take care, Gay xx


  1. Big hugs Gay, hope your dad is doing well.I had to watch hubby have an emegency tube thrust into his bladder last year, luckily he's ok now. Di. XX

  2. Hi Gay, Hope your Dad is improving and feeling better real soon. Cyber hugs Lynne xx