Sunday, 14 March 2010

Wizard of OZ

No piccies to update this weekend I'm afraid. I've really had no spare time at all to craft!!! Joined gym after work on friday - god I'm unfit LOL!!!!! Then on saturday took my niece, Beth and my mum shopping then we went to Nottingham Playhouse to see The Wizard of Oz. My god it was fantastic - really enjoyed it - thanks mum!!!
Then today cleaning up etc - really exciting - then walked - yes walked - anyone who knows me will be laughing!!! - to my mums to see her for an hour (just over a mile then back, so quite pleased with myself). I never walk anywhere which is probably why I'm overweight and unfit!!! But I'm determined to loose weight and get fit!!! Watch this Space!!!
Hope to get some crafting done in next few days - if I'm not too tired from gym LOL - I will update asap.
Thanks for looking xx

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  1. Gay, i am also unfit!! I blame mother nature we are animals and we are supposed to gain blubber to keep us warm in the winter. Having said that we are also supposed to hunt,i don't think that means driving to Tesco's!!Now it's getting warmer i intend to walk to the local shops about half a mile away,,well we'll see.I'll keep you posted on that one, meanwhile i'm sitting on my prime rump bloghopping. Di. xx