Saturday, 27 March 2010

First card order from a stranger

Well, my dad came out of hospital last night which was good news but it was really worrying last night he didn't seem to be breathing very good at all but seems better today so fingers crossed. It was my niece, Beth, birthday today - 13 - teenager at last!!! Hope you had a great day Beth xxx
I received my first card order from a stranger (not a relative or friend - who all my orders so far have been from). Was really, really pleased especially as it came about from a card she received that I made! Anyway I got some instructions/notes and that was when I became very worried. These are what I received.
Friends 50th, like his name on front, Kevin and age 50. He lives in Blackpool and would like colour of card to be tangerine. He runs a gay Hotel in Blackpool (he is gay) so a picture of fawlty towers hotel or Blackpool tower. Perhaps include the gay pride flag somewhere on the card and some gay celebs. He used to work for a dairy company so a milk float wouldn't go amiss and he used to show Budgies!!!! also written a verse to be included (quite long so won't put on here).
Well, I'm doing my best but I really don't know what its going to be like - why can't I get an order to do a nice Magnolia card with lots of flowers, gems etc LOL x
I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow so will post it on here and would love to know what you think. Really hope it doesn't offend anyone as well.
Thanks for visiting me and hope to catch you tomorrow (my Birthday - yippppeeee!!!!!)


  1. Gosh, I dont envy you that card and cant wait to see what you come up with!!!! A very Happy Birthday to you x

  2. Who do they think you are, moonpig? I bet they want it for £2 as well do they. I hate those sort of requests myself, oh and they usually want it for tomorrow!